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Computer Weld Technology's Gas Turbine Flow Monitor (GTFM IV™) precisely measures flow rates of welding gasses. The GTFM IV can be used for Argon, Helium, CO2 or any mixed inert welding gas.

A flow rate (5 to 255 SCFH) is digitally displayed with a 1 SCFH resolution. The accuracy if the +/- 2% of full scale +/- 1 digit reading in the GTFM IV is considerably better than conventional ball type flow meters.

The GTFM IV can be install in-line down stream of the gas regulator for permanent installations. The unit is also available in a battery powered configuration with a rubber cone for testing gas flow at the welding torch nozzle.

When fully charged, the battery operated version operates for up to two (2) hours
Limit testing capability - operator may set high and low limits for gas flow rates. If the gas flow rate exceeds the flow range set, the GTFM IV sets an internal relay which can be used to trigger an alarm
Monitor and display accumulated gas usage - operator has the ability to measure and display gas flow usage for a defined period of time
Monitor and display remaining gas in cylinder at any time
Monitor and display peak gas flow surge during weld cycle
Available in English and Metric Units of measure


Reduces gas usage by allowing proper setting of the gas flow rates at the nozzle
Reduces costly weld repairs by assuring proper gas flow rates
Provides documentation of gas flow rates for quality control procedures
Reduces cost of having multiple ball-float type flow meters for each welding gas used in the shop
Provides gas "Sure-Flow" switch capability for Robotic and Automatic Weld Fixtures
The convenience and accuracy of the GTFM IV enables this welding tool to pay for itself many times over


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Product Specifications




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Measurement Range 5-255 SCFH (2-120 LPM)
Display Resolution +/- 1 SCFH
Accuracy +/- 1% of full scale, +/- 1 digit
Operating Pressure 50 PSIA maximum (344 KPA)
Fault Relay Output N.O. Dry Contact Closure
Relay Ratings 120 vac @ 0.5 amps non-inductive or 24 vdc @ 1.0 amps non-inductive
Analog Sensor Output 0.-2.55 vdc @ 10 ma
Analog Scaling 0.01 vdc = 1 SCFH (0.01 vdc = 1 LPM)
Dimensions 3 1/4" wide x 1 3/4" high x 5 3/8" long (85mm wide x 45mm high x 138mm long)
Weight 23 oz. (652 gm)
Pipe Fittings 3/8" NPT with 3/8" hose barb fittings
Power Requirements 10-28 vdc @ 100 ma
Battery Charger 120 vac 60 hz @ 300 ma or 220 vac 50 hz @ 300 ma
Battery Life Approximately 2 hours with a full charge
Operating Temperature +20º F to +140º F (-7º C to +60º C)


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