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The "Micro-Step Controller" can be used to interface other stepper motor driven components, and with the appropriate mechanical and electrical specifications, to the WSC-1000™ Weld Sequence Control.

When used with the "Weld Sequence Control" the MSC-1000 receives position and velocity command data from the WSC-1000 by means of a Local Area Network (LAN), making the unit convenient and easy to install and simple to use.Computer Weld.

Technology's "Micro-Step Controller" can be used as a stand alone control, when programmed directly from a personal computer or terminal, and has the ability to store up to 50 move and/or velocity commands.


Compact / Lightweight design
RS-232 Serial Port
On board storage for up to 50 move commands
Flexible design
Operates on Computer Weld Technology's LAN system


Usable in confined areas
Permits off-line programming, system configuration and remote control
Off line programmable
Provides expanded operational capability
Can be interfaced with other manufacturers equipment
Facilitates ease of installation and operation


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Dimensions 4.0"H X 8.5"W X 11 "L (1 02mm X 165mm X 280mm)
Mounting Dimensions 7.50" W X 8.50" L 4ea. 10-32 blind hole fasteners
Weight 12 lbs. (5.44 kg)
Power Input 120 ± 10% vac 50/60 hz @ 5.0 amps
Operating Temperature -10° F to +140° F (-23° C to +60° C)
Motor Output Current 1.0 - 7.0 amps peak each phase
Motor Output Voltage 1.5 -10.0 volts peak each phase
Current Profile Sine/Cosine or Parabolic Sine/Cosine
Limit with Inputs CW and CCW 5.0 vdc active low inputs with internal 4.7K ohm pull up resistor
Step Resolutions 10 steps/step; 1/4 step or 1/2 step (user definable)
Velocity 10 - 5000 steps/sec
Acceleration 10 - 10000 steps/sec
Index step count 1 - 65535 steps (user scalable)
Communications RS-232-C 9 pin serial port and 2 WSC-LAN BNC serial ports
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