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The microprocessor based Modular Weld Controller is the main control module and provides all control and communication functions and can program external motion control axis via the Local Area Network (LAN) port.

The controller can support up to four stepper motor controlled axis, using the MSC-2 Micro-step Controller, and four DC servo controls, using the DMC-2 DC Servo Controller.

The MWC-1000 provides all external Input / Output control interface and electrical connections to user supplied components.

The MWC-1000 consists of two major control systems. The first is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and the second is the Modular Weld Control (MWC). The PLC is the main controlling element and provides the interface between the MWC and the external I/O functions. The PLC is configured by using the terminal serial port. The user can define up to 150 sequences that will be executed by the specified switch inputs. The MWC control provides all of the weld control functions and can be programmed for up to 40 weld schedules via the terminal serial port or remote pendant port.


User definable configuration
RS-232 Serial Port
Flexibility to adapt to most solid state equipment
Ease of set-up
40 Weld Schedules and 150 PLC Sequences are user programmable
Permits off-line programming, system configuration and remote control
Permits user to employ existing equipment in many cases
Welding Parameters displayed while welding using optional remote pendant
Automatically recognizes installed peripheral devices
Prepurge Gas Flow Time
Arc Start Parameter Time
Arc Active Delay Time
Ramp Up Time
Weld Time (spot or manual)
Ramp Down Time
Crater Fill Time
Wire Retract Time
Burn Back Time
Post Purge Time
Pulse On Time*
Pulse Off Time*
Background Wire Feed Speed* (*For Pulse TIG Applications)
S1 = Cycle Start   S6 - S7 = Ramp Down
S1 - S2 = Prepurge Gas Flow Time   S7 - S8 = Crater Fill Parameter Time
S2 - S3 = Arc Start Parameter Time   S8 - S9 = Wire Retract Time
S3 - S4 = Arc Active Delay Time   S9 - S10 = Burn Back Time
S4 - S5 = Ramp Time   S10 - S11 = Post Purge Time
S5 - S6 = Weld Time (spot or manual)      


The optional WELDSEQ Plus Software is designed to operate in conjunction with our MWC weld sequence controllers. The program provides a serial communications program, which is used to communicate with the MWC and program the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and configuration parameters.

The program provides a full function, user configurable ASCII terminal program, which can be used to configure all of the WSC/MWC functions. It provides weld data collection routines that allow the user to collect run-time weld data and store this data for future analysis.

The MWC weld schedules can be edited and include a Weld Setup specification sheet, which is used to save process specific information for the current weld schedule. The program also provides a PLC editor, which can be used to generate custom PLC programs.

Product Specifications




  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
Dimensions 4" H X 16.50" W X 9" L (102mm X 419mm X 229mm)
Weight 8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
Power Requirements 110/240 vac 50/60 Hz @ 8 amp
Operating Temperature -10° F to +140° F (-23° C to +60° C)







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