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The Weld Data Logger represents leading edge technology in arc welding data collection and logging. The micro-controller based weld data acquisition system provides a means of mearing and documenting all basic welding parameters when used with external IBM compatible printer or PC.

The WDL II has the unique ability to calculate heat input using the optional travel speed transducer or the actual weld length and accumulated arc time. The WDL II is the lightweight portable tool that will enable you to establish and maintain qualified welding procedures.

Log with date/time stamp, all welding data
Two-line 16 character alpha-numeric display
Compact portable design
1 mb on board data storage
Ability to dump to external printer for hard copy
Centronics compatible parallel printer port
RS-232-C serial communication port
Software selectable print format for 80 or 40 column printers
Available in English and Metric units


Chance of error in recording data eliminated
Easily transportable between plants or shop locations (ideal for inspectors)
Instantaneous viewing of current welding conditions (ideal for inspectors)
Permits extended data logging without need for printer at location (ideal for inspectors)
Ability to collect and display run time welding data using IBM or compatible PC and optional ADMSTAT software
Ability to generate hard copy at job site or back at office location ideal for inspectors)


Elapsed Time
Wire Feed Speed
Travel Speed
Heat Input (Calculated based on optional travel speed sensor or default travel speed specified by user.)
Shielding Gas Flow


Data Logging: Welding parameter data can be dumped to an external printer for hard copy printout and fault analysis or to a compatible personal computer using ADMSTAT software for data storage and analysis.
Mean and standard deviation for each parameter
Graphic analysis for single and multiple weld data files



The optional WeldLog Plus™ is a product of Computer Weld Technology, Inc. and is designed to operate in conjunction with our WDL™ and WDL II™ weld data loggers. The program provides a serial communications program, which is used to communicate with the WDL’s via the RS-232 serial port.

It provides weld data collection routines that allow the user to collect run-time weld data and store this data for future analysis. The program also provides a Graphical and statistical program to display and analysis stored weld data files. The WeldLog Plus™ program is designed for use with Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP or Windows® NT 3.51 or later platforms.

Product Specifications




  • Sensor Limits
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
Arc Voltage 0-100 Volts +/- 1% (AC or DC) 0.1Volt Resolution
Arc Current 0-1000 Amps +/- 1% (AC or DC) 1 Amp Resolution
Travel Speed 1-100 IPM (.4 - 42mm/s) +/- 3% .1 IPM (.04mm/s) Resolution
Wire Speed 10-1000 IPM (4.2 - 423mm/s) +/- 3% 1 IPM (.4mm/s) Resolution
Gas Flow 5-255 SCFH (2-120 LPM) +/- 3% 1 SCFH (1 LPM) Resolution, 50 PSIA (344 KPA) Maximum Operation Pressure
Temperature Range, Resolution and Accuracy Depend on Sensor Used. Consult Factory for Options.
Dimensions 2.0"H X B. 5"W X 1 1 "L (51 mm X 165mm X 280mm)
Weight 5 lbs. (2.3kg)
Power Requirements 115 vac or 220 vac 50/60 Hz @ 1 amp
Communications RS-232-C Port , Parallel Printer Interface
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