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The Capstan's small size and light weight (less than 5-1/2 lbs. without torch - less than 8 lbs. with 400 amp water cooled torch) allows the wire feeder to be placed directly on the automated fixture or robot wrist, thus eliminating the wire guide liners normally associated with conventional wire drive systems. The Capstan also provides an increase in wire drive contact area by wrapping the wire around the wire drive wheel. This wire drive method has three major benefits:

Plastic deforms the filler wire, virtually eliminating existing wire cast.

Increased drive force eliminates wire slip, flattening and damage to wire surface.
Integral wire straightener on the discharge side of the feeder allows the Wire Drive to precisely locate the filler wire independent of wire cast.

The WF-100 produces a slip free positive driving force to the filler wire without damaging the wire surface and provides exceptional feeding of the "soft" wires such as aluminum and copper.



Compact lightweight design
Universal adaptable for broad application range
Positive wire feed drive force
Plastically deforms wire
Eliminates surface damage
Cold / Hot wire guide articulators available
Flexible design


Can be mounted on robot arm or welding fixture
Interface with most manufacture's welding equipmeny, robots and fixtures
Eliminates wire slip and surface damage
Exceptional feeding of "soft wire" such as aluminumand copper
Provides repeatable, precise wire placement (no "wire wander" in weld joint)
Can be used with all welding processes (MIG, TIG, Plasma & Laser)




  When using a 0.030” to 0.052” steel alloy filler wire with the capstan, a Steel Alloy Wire Kit specifically made for each size wire must be installed on the capstan
  When using a 0.030” to 0.062” aluminum filler wire with the capstan, an Aluminum Wire Pick-up Block Kit specifically made for each size wire must be installed on the capstan.
  When using a 0.030” to 0.052” aluminum filler wire with the capstan, an Aluminum Wire Straightener Kit specifically made for each size wire must be installed on the capstan.
All parts that are wire size specific in these kits are marked with color codes to prevent mixing incompatible parts.
Adjustable Pivot Mounts
Air and Water Colded Torches
Cold and Hot Wire TIG Articulators
Wire Spool
Wire Spool Liners
Junction Boxes
Service Leads
Custome brackets and adapters are available


Product Specifications




  • Mechanical
Wire Size

Soft Wire: 0.030 to 0.062 (.8mm - 1.6mm)
Hard Wire: 0.030 to 0.052 (.8mm - 1.3mm)

Dimensions 5-1/8" H X 4-3/4" W X 5-7/8" L (130mm X 121mm X 148mm)
Weight 5-1/2 lbs (2.5 kg) without torch
Wire Feed Speed Range 10 - 575 IPM (4-265mm/s) Standard Speed Model
1 - 100 IPM (.4-42mm/s) Slow Speed Model
Motor Full Load Pull Capacity 20 lbs (9kg) - 9cm Motor Model,
40 lbs (18kg) - 12cm Motor Model
Motor Full Load Current 6.5 Amps
Motor Full Load Voltage 18 VDC
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