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The WSC II™ Weld Sequence Control from Computer Weld Technology, Inc. can bring total weld process control to your system. Based on an embedded micro controller, this unit provides two 0-10 VDC programmable outputs, one to control the welding power source and the second, a CWT Capstan Wire Feed Motor PWM Drive Control. Also provided are 32 user selectable weld schedules and an optional 2-line 16-character Alpha Numeric LCD display for programming the weld schedule data and to configure the control options. The controller can be easily interfaced to your application and can provide state-of-the-art control of your welding process with a simplicity that is hard to find elsewhere.

With 32 programmable weld schedules, the WSC II™ provides total flexibility in your welding environment. This controller can be used to standardize the integration for all weld processes. The WSC II™ can be supplied with or without a local display and programming switches. The controller without a local programming display and switches needs to be programmed with either the WRP II™ Weld Remote Pendant for on-line programming or the EZ-Edit Plus™ RS-232 Terminal Program for off-line programming. The controller with a local programming display and switches can be programmed directly from its front panel or use the EZ-Edit Plus™ for off-line programming.

Whether new or old, CWT’s new WSC II™ bring total weld process control to your system. The control provides a standardized interface for all welding systems. It can be used to control GMAW, SAW, PAW and GTAW welding systems. The control will interface to most all solid state welding power sources and wire feed drives. The optional PWM motor drive can be provided that will control most low volt wire drive motors. The control provides a simple user definable Max/Min scaling to calibrate the external power source output and wire drive speed range.

Two isolated analog 0-10 vdc outputs and five solid-state isolated relay outputs
Nine 24 vdc optically isolated inputs and three 0-10 vdc analog inputs
On-line programming available with the WRP II Weld Remote Pendant or from the local display
Weld event an I/O Status LED's
Optional EZ-Edit Plus™ RS-232 Terminal Program for off-line programming


Provides simple interface to solid state power supplies and wire drive controls
Allows remote user interface and weld schedule selection and provides remote control of the run time amp/volt or wire speed parameters
Provides off-line weld schedule development and system configuration
Provides a standardized user interface with easy to use menu driven display and fault status messages
Indicates operations and I/O status


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Dimensions 8.00" H X 10.50" W X 4.60" D (203mm X 267mm X 117mm)
Power Requirements 110/240 vac 50/60 Hz @ 0.2kw
Operating Temperature -10° F to +140° F (-23° C to +60° C)
Relay Outputs 24 vdc @ 1 amp normally open contacts
Switch Inputs 5-24 vdc @ 1.0-8.0 ma
Analog Inputs 10-vdc precision reference output. 10-bit resolution (10 mv resolution). Maximum output current 10 ma. Output is short circuit protected.
Encoder Input Pulse accumulator input 5.0 vdc TTL level with 4.7K pull-up. Maximum input frequency 15 khz.
Analog Inputs 0-10 vdc input, 8-bit resolution, 10 k ohm input impedance, non-isolated with over-voltage and polarity protection
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