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Hardware Product Manuals
Description Manual
ADM III™ Arc Data Monitor
ADM IV™ Arc Data Monitor
ATC II™ Automatic Torch Control
DART™ Digital Analog Remote Transducer
DMC-500™ DC Motor Control
DMC-1000™ DC Motor Control
GTFM IV™ Gas Turbine Flow Monitor
GTFM V™ Gas Turbine Flow Monitor
GFM™ Gas Flow Monitor
Intelli-DART™ Intelligent Digital Analog Remote Transducer
Micro ADM™ Micro Arc Data Monitor
MSC-1000™ Micro-Step Control
MWC-1000™ Model B Modular Weld Control
WDL II™ Weld Data Logger
WireTrak IV™ Wire Speed Sensor
WOC-500™ Weld Oscillator Control
WOC-1000™ Weld Oscillator Control
WSC II™ Weld Sequence Control
WSC-1000™ Weld Sequence Control





Software Product Manuals
Description Manual
ArcTrak Plus™
TERM Plus™
Weld Edit Program
WeldLog Plus™
WeldSeq Plus™
WireLog Plus™


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