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The Gas Flow Monitor (GFM™) precisely measures flow rates of welding shielding gases using the state of the art MEMS flow sensor with OLED graphic display.

The GFM™ has 6 selectable gas settings, ARGON, Argon/ CO2 (90/10), Argon/ CO2 (80/20), Argon/ CO2 (75/25), Helium, and CO2. The GFM™ can be custom ordered and configured for additional gas mixturess.

A flow rate (5 to 255 SCFH) is digitally displayed with a 1 SCFH resolution.  The accuracy of the 3% of full scale reading on the GFM™ is considerably better than conventional ball type flow meters.

The GFM™ can be installed in-line, downstream of the gas regulator for permanent installations, and is available in a battery powered configuration with a rubber cone for testing gas flow at the welding torch nozzle throughout the shop.

WARNING - Do Not use with any flammable gases.

When fully charged, the battery operated version operates for up to 24 hours
Capability to limit test, provide an accumulated gas usage and peak flow rates as well as displaying on-going gas flow rates.
The unit also provides an analog output voltage representing measured gas flow rates.
The GFM also has a Modbus® RS-485 serial port.  The sensor can communicate with third party controllers via the Modbus® protocol.  The sensor defines 16 coils and 10 Registers for use with the Modbus® serial port.
The GFM uses an OLED graphic display panel to display the gas flow rates, to provide programming menus and user defined optional parameter display.
The GFM is software configurable for English or Metric units of measure with 6 user selectable gas types.


The convenience and accuracy of the GFM enables this welding tool to pay for itself many times over
The in-line version is designed to be permanently installed in a welding fixture to continuously monitor the gas flow rate
The portable version can be used to check the gas flow rate directly at the welding torch
An internal fault relay can be used to warn or interrupt the welding process if an out-of-limits condition is detected
Provides gas "Sure-Flow" switch capability for Robotic and Automatic Weld Fixtures
Reduces gas usage by allowing proper setting of the gas flow rates at the nozzle
Reduces costly weld repairs by assuring proper gas flow rates


Product Models
  • Portable
  • In-line
  • Auxiliary Data Cable
GFM Portable System - P/N: A0A0161
GFM - Gas Flow Monitor
Universal Power Supply
Hose Cone Assembly
GFM In-line System - P/N: A0A0162
GFM - Gas Flow Monitor
Universal Power Supply
Barbed Hose Fittings
3 Meter Auxiliary Data Cable - P/N: A3W0418
6 Meter Auxiliary Data Cable - P/N: A3W0352
Cable allows for data exporting using the Modbus protocol.
Product Specifications




  • Sensor Limits
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
Measurement Range 5-255 SCFH (2-120 LPM)
Display Resolution +/- 1 SCFH (+/- LPM)
Accuracy +/- 3% of full scale +/- 1 digit
Operating Pressure 50 PSIA maximum (344 KPA)
Fault Relay Output Opto-Isolated SSR (Solid State Relay)
Relay Ratings 48 vac @ 0.5 amp non-inductive, 48 vdc @ 1.0 amp non-inductive
Analog Sensor Output 0.-2.55 vdc @ 10 ma
Analog Scaling 0.01 vdc = 1 SCFH (0.01 vdc = 1 LPM)
Dimensions 2-13/16"W x 3-1/2"H x 2-13/16”L
(71.4 mm W x 88.9 mm H x 71.4 mm L)
Weight 19 oz. (539 gm)
Pipe Fittings 3/8" NPT with 3/8" hose barb fittings
Pipe Fittings Recommended Torque Specifications 15 +/- 5 in lb. (1,7 +/- 0,6 N m)
Power Requirements 10-28 vdc @ 100 ma
Battery Charger 120 vac 60 hz @ 300 ma or 220 vac 50 hz @ 300 ma
Battery Life Approximately 24 hours with a full charge
Operating Temperature +20º F to +140º F (-7º C to +60º C)
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