WDL-3 - Weld Data Logger

The Weld Data Logger represents leading edge technology in arc welding data collection and logging. The micro-controller based weld data acquisition system provides a means of measuring and documenting all basic welding parameters when used with external serial printer or PC.

The WDL-3 can store uo to 4000 weld summeries in non-volatile memory. Additionally the WDL-3 has the unique ability to calculate heat input using the optional travel speed transducer, a user specified Travel Speed or the actual weld length and accumulated arc time. An Ethernet port is available for remote data collection and  stored weld summary data upload.

GFM - Gas Flow Monitor
Our Gas Flow Monitor precisely measures flow rates of welding gasses. The GFM can be used for Argon, Helium, CO2 or any mixed inert welding gas. A flow rate (5 to 255 SCFH) is digitally displayed with a 1 SCFH resolution. The accuracy if the 3% of full scale reading in the GFM is considerably better than conventional ball type flow meters. The GFM can be install in-line down stream of the gas regulator for permanent installations. The unit is also available in a battery powered configuration with a rubber cone for testing gas flow at the welding torch nozzle.
WIRETRAK - Wire Speed Sensor

Our Wire Speed Sensor is for making your welding environment more efficient. By providing the necessary data acquisition; signal processing and communications firmware, the WIRETRAK allows remote logging of your wire utilization and actual productivity rates.

The WIRETRAKis designed for monitoring and telemonitoring service purposes and is based on an embedded micro-controller.

ADM IV - Arc Data Monitor
The ADM IV is a rugged, versatile and cost effective tool that can be arrayed in single and multiple arc configurations. It is a versatile quality control device that is capable of assuring that all of your arc welding parameters meet or exceed "ISO-9000", "QS-9000" standards and your Statistical Process Control (SPC) requirements. This user friendly, ADM IV Arc Data Monitor can be easily configured to fulfill the requirements of any end users needs. This device can be employed as a stand-alone unit using the "Remote Control Pendant" to configure the system and view the results or it can be linked to a PC to accomplish the same task.
The SmartSensor is an Embedded Microcontroller device designed to collect and monitor welding parameters. In its basic form the SmartSensor is configured to monitor welding current and provides two user 24 VDC inputs and 24 VDC outputs. It also provides a RS-485 serial port with the Modbus™ protocol to allow the user to access the run time data and enable control functions. Additional sensors can be added to monitor other welding parameters. The SmartSensor can monitor Voltage, Wire Speed, Travel Speed, Gas Flow or Temperature.
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