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The WIRETRAK - the new product from Computer Weld Technology for making your welding environment more efficient. By providing the necessary data acquisition, signal processing and communications firmware, the WIRETRAK allows remote logging of your wire utilization and actual productivity rates.

The WIRETRAK is designed for monitoring and telemonitoring service purposes and is based on an embedded micro-controller. 

The sensor is simple to install at the GMAW wire drive motor inlet using industry standard quick disconnect conduit fittings. The sensor may also be remotely mounted using a industry standard conduit assembly and the optional mounting bracket.

A series of display screens are provided to allow the operator or supervisor access to wire feed speed run data and to program the sensor for operation.


Industry standard quick disconnect fittings for wire speed transducer and mounting
Optional ArcTrack II Software Program to program and download data from multiple WIRETRAK units
RS-485 Duplex Network Interface Serial Port
Optional mounting bracket
Mount directly to any wire drive motor inlet
Allows remote mounting of sensor using standard quick disconnect conduit assemblies for wire speed sensor
Provides easy installation
Communication with multiple WIRETRAK Sensors with optional software package
Up to 400 weld summaries may be stored before downloading
Actual Wire Feed Speed
Arc Time based on wire feed motion
Arc Time based on wire feed motion
Totalized Wire Feed Speed and Arc Time
Volume deposited for last weld
Totalized volume deposited based on average wire speed and time

NetHub™ is an isolated RS-485 communications driver and power supply to connect up to six sensor units to the MODBUS™ RTU network.

A total of 247 sensors may be connected to the network using multiple NetHub™ units. Any Intelli-DART™, WIRETRAK or Micro ADM™ unit can be connected to the same NetHub™ unit.

The Intelli-DART™, WIRETRAK or Micro ADM™ units can be communicated with their appropriate software through the MODBUS™ RTU network.


The Arc Track II Software Program is used with the WIRETRAK Sensor and provides a simple MODBUS™ terminal to program and download data from multiple WireTrak™ Sensors. The program uses the MODBUS™ RTU protocol to establish communication with multiple WireTrak™ devices. The interface to the Sensor is via a RS-485 duplex network.

The WIRETRAK is a lightweight; compact sensor unit designed for monitoring and telemonitoring service purposes in a welding environment. The WIRETRAK includes an embedded micro-controller to provide the necessary data acquisition, signal processing and communications firmware to allow remote logging of the following basic welding parameters.

Product Specifications




  • General
Wire Size 0.30 – 0.62 (0.8 mm / 1.6 mm)
Speed Range 10 – 1000 ipm (4 – 420 mm / s)
Relative Precision of Range ±3%
Communications Protocol MODBUS™ RTU
Dimensions 4.951” L x 3.093” W x 2.437” H (126 mm L x 79 mm W x 62 mm H)
Weight 1.4 lbs (0.64 kgm)
Sensor Power 24 vdc @ 0.2 amp, ripple 200 mv
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