• Description
  • Weld Schedule Editor
  • DAC Scaling
  • PLC Program Setup

WELDSEQ Plus is a product of Computer Weld Technology, Inc. and is designed to operate in conjunction with our MWC Modular Weld Controllers.  The program provides a serial communications program, which is used to communicate with the MWC and program the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and configuration parameters. 

The program provides a full function, user configurable ASCII terminal program, which can be used to configure all of the MWC functions. It provides weld data collection routines that allow the user to collect run-time weld data and store this data for future analysis.

The MWC weld schedules can be edited and include a Weld Setup specification sheet, which is used to save process specific information for the current weld schedule.  The program also provides a PLC editor, which can be used to generate custom PLC programs.

Weld Schedule Editor Dialog

The following is the Weld Schedule editor.   This Tab Dialog window allows the user to generate weld schedules for the MWC controllers.  The editor consists of 4 Tab’s which contain the various schedule parameters.

Calculate DAC Scale Parameters

The following DAC Scaling wizard is used to calculate the Slope and Offset values that are used for various Weld sequence analog outputs.  Enter the Maximum and Minimum value for each parameter.  After entering the values press the Calculate Button and the wizard will display the calculated values for the Slope and offset for each parameter.

PLC Program Setup Dialog

The following is the Header setup dialog wizard.  The wizard allows the user to configure the basic MWC DAC Assignments, Enable Axis Drives and configure Weld Sequence output relay assignments

Product Specifications




  • System Requirements
Required Processor 150mhz Pentium™ or higher microprocessor
Required Operating System Windows® XP Service Pack 2 or later platforms
Required Memory 24 MB minimum
Required Hard Drive Space 25 MB of available hard drive space
Required Display Minimum SVGA graphics, XVGA recommended
Required Communications RS-232 serial port
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